Speech Recognition Browser Compatibility


Speech recognition features in Portales, Portails, Senderos do not currently operate on any version of Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari* for this feature.


*Speech Recognition functionality when using Mac OSX Sierra 10.12  / Safari 11.0

Speech Rec is being blocked by a default “Stop media with Audio” setting within Safari 11.  

Steps to fix the issue:

  1. In the Safari menu bar, click the Safari option.
  2. Click the Preferences link.
  3. Select the Websites tab from the pop-up window
  4. At the left side, click on the “Auto-Play” option
  5. Set the drop-down for our website (vhlcentral.com) to “Allow All Auto-Play”
  6. Close the window
  7. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.