Do you have a schedule of the online training sessions for VHL Central Programs?


Please click to view the latest schedule of live online trainings designed for instructors using VHL Central programs. Need assistance joining a meeting?


Watch a Previously Recorded Session 

To view a recorded training session, please select a link below. Note that you can change the size of the shared window in the recording by clicking the tool bar that appears in the lower left corner of the shared window in the meeting room.


For Assistance Joining a Meeting

If you have any difficulties connecting to a session, contact the Adobe Connect Pro Help Desk at 1.800.422.3623 for general assistance select 2 at the prompt or for assistance during an online meeting select 1. If you have already joined the telephone portion of a session and need technical assistance, you may press *0 on your telephone key pad; select 1 for assistance with the audio conference or select 2 for assistance with the online portion of the meeting.

If the meeting login page says "The meeting has ended," please try clicking the meeting link again (this sometimes requires clearing browser cache). The "meeting ended" message only appears until the meeting host opens the meeting room; after the host opens the meeting room, the "meeting ended" message will be removed and the login area will be accessible. Note that the meeting rooms are re-used from session to session, so the "meeting ended" notice may have been from the previous session.