Accessing and Completing Computer-graded Activities - Supersite 2.0


1. From a lesson’s contents view, start an activity by clicking on its title in an activity section.

2. When the activity window launches, carefully read the directions and review the information about how many attempts you will have to complete the activity as well as any details about how your submission will be evaluated.

3. Complete all of the question items in an assigned activity. At the bottom right of the open activity window, click the Submit button to send your work. To exit the activity, without completing it, click on the “X” button.

4. After you submit the activity, you will receive immediate feedback about your responses on auto-graded activities. The feedback will detail your score, as well as your correct and incorrect responses.

5. After you submit an activity, you can move to the next activity by clicking the “Next Activity” button at the bottom right of the open activity window. Or you can close the activity window and select a different activity from the chapter’s list of activities.