Tracking Your Progress - Supersite 2.0


You can track your progress from within a specific lesson. Once you submit an activity, your score remains in your account even if you enroll in a new course. Scores from previous courses can be viewed from the “view work from” drop-down list (in My Results in Supersites with tabbed content or in the main view just above the Contents list in accounts that do not have tabs).

1. For each activity you submit, your score will display in the “Status” column of the corresponding activity section.

2. Once a computer-graded activity has been submitted, your score will display as the number of points earned out of the total points possible, along with a percentage-based score.

3. You may also view your score from within vText if you mouse-over the icon on a completed textbook activity.

4. If an activity has not been submitted, its status will show as “Not Yet Attempted.”

5. Scores for open-ended activities, which are signaled by this icon , will display as “Pending” until your teacher reviews and grades your work.

6. Once your teacher grades your work, your score for open-ended activities will display–highlighted in blue–in the “Status” column.

7. You may also see a comments icon next to a score to indicate that your teacher has provided some feedback about your work. Click on the score link to review your teacher’s feedback.

8. You will not receive a score on late or overdue items unless your teacher accepts late assignments. If an teacher does NOT allow overdue assignments, scores will display as “Overdue (0%).” Check with your teacher about his or her policy on late assignments.

9. Some Supersites offer a comprehensive view of scores on the tab “My Results .” The “My Results” tab compiles the scores for activities that have been submitted on all of the content tabs to which an account has access i.e., it may include scores from Textbook or Worktext, WebSAM (Workbook/Lab Manual/Video Manual), and Assessment tabs.

Note: Use the “view work from” drop-down list to view work from previous courses.