Test Generator: Diploma v.6 - User Guides and Technical Support (for Maestro 2 Supersite titles only)


All of Vista Higher Learning Test Generators CD-ROMs are produced in partnership with the division of Blackboard Collaborate (Behind the Blackboard) that develops the Diploma v.6 testing engine software.

The Diploma v.6 software allows you to create tests, write and edit questions, and print these tests in a wide range of formats or make the tests available online via your course management system.

(also available in the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM)


* Content related questions found via Test Banks, or technical issues with any of the Vista Higher Learning's Diploma Test Generators CD-ROMs, should be directed to Vista Higher Learning Technical Support.

Tech Support Line:

Call us via phone.

  • Instructor/Teacher ONLY Line (US/Canada): 1.800.922.6003
  • Main Support Line (US/Canada): 1.800.248.2813
  • Main Support Line (All Countries): 1.617.426.1469

Submit a request for help 24/7.


* All technical issues relating to the Diploma v.6 software installation or import/export errors should be directed to Blackboard Collaborate (Behind the Blackboard) Tier 1 Technical Support. 

International Toll Free Numbers:

  • North America:  1.877.382.2293
  • Australia:  1.800.26.7338
  • Ireland:  1.800.64.4528
  • United Kingdom:  0800.051.7248

All other International, non Toll Free Numbers:

  • 1.606.802.7933

NOTE: Blackboard Collaborate Tier 1 Technical Support team is available by different numbers worldwide, depending on your current location.  These numbers are answered by a live agent 24x7x365.

For more information about Diploma v.6 software, you may also refer to the Behind the Blackboard - Knowledge Base
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