How do I set assignment due times?


You can select a Preferences settings for due time in a Supersite. Note that this due time will apply to any assignments you set in all of your courses and sections within a Supersite. If you have Supersites for several books within your account, the due time setting will apply to all of the Supersites and all of the courses within those Supersites. There is currently no way to set unique due times per book Supersite or per course if all are located within the same account.

To set or change your due time:


  1. From your book's Supersite, click on the Preferences link in the upper right corner of your screen, just below the Vistas logo.
  2. On the Assignment options tab, in the middle section about Assignment Due Times, use the drop down menu to select a time of your choosing.
  3. Be sure to Save Changes after you've made your selection.
  4. You should receive a confirmation page telling you that your changes were made successfully.