How do I use test questions from your Test Generator in my Blackboard Course Management System?


Using Diploma Test Banks in your Blackboard Course Management System
To begin, you must first export a test bank file from the Diploma Test Generator for your Vista Higher Learning program.

  1. Launch the Diploma Test Generator for your Vista Higher Learning program.
  2. Select the lesson/unit or lessons that you wish to export by left clicking on the lesson test(s) in the “Chapter” viewing pane (on the left). If you wish to select more than one lesson test, depress the “Ctrl” key on your computer keyboard while left clicking on the test titles.
  3. From the “File” pull-down menu, select Export, Blackboard.
  4. In Blackboard Export window complete the following steps.


  • In “HMTL Option”, select an image format or leave at the default “Automatic.”
  • In “Ungradable Questions,” you can select to either “Export as essay questions” or “Do not export” open-ended questions.
  • In “Feedback,” select one option: “Include field information” or “Include formatted answer text.”
  • Click Next to continue
  • In “Choose a local destination,” select a location to save a zipped file of the selected test bank(s). Note that you may rename the zip file before clicking Save.
  • Click Save.


     5. Click Finish to complete the export of the zip file.

Importing test bank files into Blackboard
Once you have exported test bank files from the Diploma Test Generator for your Vista Higher Learning program, you can then import the files into Blackboard for use when creating tests in Blackboard’s Test Manager.

  1. Log in to your Blackboard account.
  2. Select one of your courses.
  3. Click on “Control Panel” (lower left corner of the course window).
  4. Under “Course Options,” select “Import Package.”
  5. Follow the steps outlined in “Import Package:”
  • In step 1, make sure the correct destination course is listed.
  • In step 2, choose a test bank file by clicking the “Browse” button and selecting the file you exported from Diploma.
  • In step 3, “Select Course Materials,” choose “Tests. Surveys, and Pools.”
  • In step 4, click Submit.

6. You will receive a receipt with status of the import. Be sure that the status reads “Status: The operation import has completed.”

7. Click OK.
8. You can confirm that the test bank imported successfully by selecting “Pool Manager” from the “Control Panel.” If successful, your new test bank will be listed.

Accessing Test Banks within Blackboard’s Test Manager

  1. From within the “Test Manager,” click “Add Test.”
  2. From the “Add” drop-down list, select “From a Question Pool or Assessment,” then click Go.
  3. You should see your imported test banks listed in the “Search the Pools and assessments below” list under the “Pools” subheading.
  4. Select the desired test bank and the type of questions you would like to search, then click “Search.”
  5. Review the test bank questions.
  6. Click in the check box next to a question to add it to your new test.
  7. Once you select all desired questions, click Submit.
  8. On the “Test Canvas” screen, you will see the selected test bank questions.
  9. Continue creating your test.
  10. Click OK when you are done adding all questions to the test.