Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Add Section Step 2 - Class Days


Add a Section to Your Supersite Course
A single or several sections comprise a course. Real students, a sample student, and assignments comprise a section.

Adding a section to your course is simplified by way of a three-step wizard that guides you through the creation process. After you create your first section, you can copy its settings to build other sections.

  • Section Information (Step 1): In this step, you will enter a name and information about the section, set a custom due time for assignments, confirm the time zone, and, if applicable, build an instructor team.
  • Class Days (Step 2): You will indicate the days of the week on which your section meets and add holidays, special events, or non-class days to the assignment Calendar. . Your choices in this step will inform the build out of your section’s assignment Calendar.



Class Days (Step 2) 

Highlight class days in the calendar

  1. The "Use settings from" drop-down menu should be preset to the last section you created or the section selected in step 1 (Section Information). You may change to another section by clicking on the drop-down menu and making a new selection.
  2. Select the days the section meets or the days on which assignments will be due (if teaching an online course) by clicking the desired checkboxes. Note: The selected days will populate in the assignment Calendar as class days.


Add a holiday or special event to the calendar

  1. To add a holiday or class event, click "Add Holiday".
  2. On the "Add Holiday" pop-up, enter a name and date (using the date picker or your keyboard).
  3. Indicate if class will be canceled on this day.
  4. Click "save" on the "Add Holiday" pop-up. Note: The Calendar preview dynamically displays your new holiday as it will appear in the assignments Calendar. If you need to edit a holiday, click on its name in the Calendar preview.
  5. Click to "save" on the Holidays page to add the new section. Note: You may return to the previous step by clicking the "back" button.