FAQ: What is the difference between WebSAM and Supersite and which one do I need?


Supersite is a companion website for your textbook. It includes various interactive tools such as an online dictionary, tutorials, and practice, as well as streaming audio and video. Your teacher will post assignments and announcements in the Supersite and track your performance on class assignments. If you purchase a new textbook, a code to access the Supersite is printed on a card that is inside the front cover of the text. Scratch off the silver protective coating to reveal the code. (Note: If you have a used text, you will not be able to re-use the code. You may purchase a new code for most programs on the Store.)

WebSAM (also referred to as eCuaderno and Cahier interactif) is the online version of the printed Student Activities Manual (Workbook/Video Manual & Lab Manual). The WebSAM is located within the Supersite. It presents the Student Activities Manual practice in an interactive format with automatic scoring. It also includes the complete lab audio and video (where applicable) programs for your textbook. (Note: Your teacher may or may not require you to use WebSAM. Check with your teacher to see what materials are required for his/her class.)