Completing Remaining Activity Attempts - Supersite 2.0



Depending on the number of attempts allowed on an assignment or how well you did on your first attempt, you may be able to improve your score by submitting additional attempts.

1. If you are not already in the activity, click on the activity's title link from the main view for the lesson and tab. At the bottom right side of the open activity window, click the Accept Grade button.

2. You will be prompted to either continue to attempt the activity, or accept your current grade as final and view the answers. If you want to take your remaining attempts, click Continue.

Note: Remaining attempts can be submitted during the same Supersite session or during a later session.

3. Complete all of the question items in the activity. At the bottom right of the open activity window, click the Submit button to send your work. To exit the activity, without completing it, click on the “X” button.

4. After you submit an activity, you will receive immediate feedback about your work on auto-graded questions. The feedback will detail your score, as well as your correct and incorrect responses.