Student Tools - Supersite 2.0


The Student Tools sidebar is available on every page of your Supersite. It provides several features to help you easily track your progress in your course and get assistance using the Supersite.

Contact Instructor

This is a feature that your instructor may or may not opt to include in your Student Tools. If the feature has been activated, you will be able to email your instructor by clicking on the link that appears in this section.

Assignment Tracking in Next Assignments Due
This chronological list presents assignments posted by your instructor. Each assignment displays as a link, which when clicked will launch the activity. Assignments can also be accessed from within activity sections of the corresponding lesson and content area. Note that assignments are removed from this list once a due date has passed.

Note: Late assignments will be included in this list only if your teacher allows late assignments

This section will contain important messages from your teacher about class assignments, exams, and schedule changes.

Voice Boards
This section will list links to any Voice Boards that your teacher posts as homework. Click here to print the Voice Board user guide.

Media Resources
This section provides links to all of the streaming audio and video for your textbook. You can also access video and audio within activities of the Practice section of the Supersite, as well as within activities of the WebSAM if your account has access to this section.

Online Reference Tools
The tools in this section vary depending on the language and level of your textbook. It may include an online Oxford Mini Dictionary, an online VHL Dictionary, an interactive Verb Wheel, or a Grammar Reference. In many of the Spanish language Supersites, you will find a “My Tutorials” link, which is another entry point to the Tutorials tab.

Your Feedback
This link allows you to submit your feedback about the Supersite to our editorial and development teams.

Help/Support Resources
This section may offer user guides and guided tours to assist your work in the Supersite, as well as a link to technical support resources.