How is the score of a credit activity that is displayed as a numerical value different than the score for a graded activity?

  • For activities set to “Credit,” students either receive 100% credit for attempting the activity or they receive no credit, if they do not submit the credit activity. Students' scores on Credit activities are not based on their performance or the accuracy of their responses.


  • Changing your grade book's display options in Preferences>Grading Options to "display credit activities as a numerical value" does not change the grading style set on Credit activities. With this setting in place, credit activity scores still do not reflect a student's true performance or the accuracy of the student's responses.


  • In order for students' scores on credit activities to reflect the true performance of the students, the activities' grading style must be changed from credit to graded. (Scores for “Graded” activities are performance-based; they reflect the accuracy of students' responses, so if students submit incorrect responses, the scores reflect the incorrect responses). To learn how to change the grading style of a credit activity, please click the following link: 


Solution: How do I change the way students’ responses for an activity are graded (credit vs. graded)?