How do I change the way students’ responses for an activity are graded (credit vs. graded)?


The Advanced Options feature allows you to set several advanced assignment options, including changing an activity's grading type.

Click on Advanced Options, which is located just below the Save button, to view these options.

Changing an Activity’s Grading Type

Activities in the Supersite can be set as “Graded” or “Credit.” Students are not told which activities are Graded and which are Credit, so they have every incentive to try to get the best possible score on all activities. There are also some activities that are set as “Not Graded” because of the nature of their content.

  • For activities set to “Credit,” students will either receive 100% credit for attempting the activity, regardless of their score, or no credit for not attempting it. Activities in the Practice tab (the main contents view in some Supersites) are pre-set to “Credit” since these activities are intended to be for practice only.
  • For activities set to “Graded,” students will receive a performance-based score. Activities in the WebSAM tab are pre-set to “Graded” since these activities are intended to be assigned as homework after students have read and practiced the lesson materials. Activities in the Assessment tab are also pre-set to “Graded”.
  • Activities that are set to “Not Graded” include games, record-and-compare, and listening exercises. Students can only receive credit for attempting these activities. 



  1. To change a Graded activity to Credit, click its toggle button from Graded to Credit.  Or to change a Credit activity to Graded, click its toggle button from Credit to Graded.  Grading type settings apply across all of the sections in your course.
  2. Click Save.

Note: You can undo this change at any point and return the activity to its original status as a Graded activity and vise versa, even after students have already submitted an assignment.

    3. To change the grading style on all activities in a lesson and tab, click one of the links, as appropriate: "Select all to Graded" or "Set all to Credit."
    4. Click Save.