Completing Assigned Activities - Supersite 2.0


Once you enroll in a course, you will be able to see your teacher’s posted assignments.

1. View and complete any posted assignment, even those that are overdue, by going directly to a lesson from the Contents menu.

2. Look for assignment due dates in the Due Date column of each activity section.

Note: Due dates will remain in bold until the activity is submitted. If your teacher does not allow you to turn in assignments late, you will receive a grade of 0%. Talk to your teacher about your grades on late assignments.

3. Filter out activities that have not been assigned by your teacher by clicking on the “Show Only Assigned Activities” link.

4. To access an assigned activity, click on the title of the activity in the lesson’s activity section (or click on its link in the “Student Tools” assignments list). The activity will launch in a separate window.

Note: You may also access assigned textbook activities in the Practice tab from within the optional vText .

5. For instructor-graded activities or any that require you to write short answers, you will have only 1 attempt. You may want to work on an answer(s) in a word processing software program and then copy and paste your answer(s) into the activity. Be sure to confirm that accented characters are properly copied into your response before you click “Submit”.

Note: After submitting a teacher-graded activity (includes tests from the Assessment tab), you’ll receive a note that your grade is pending your instructor’s review of your answers.

6. After you submit an activity, you can move to the next assigned activity or another activity by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom right of the open activity window. Or you can close the activity window and select a different activity from the lesson’s activity sections or the “Student Tools” assignment menu.