How do I clear submissions to be graded/"Pending" scores from the gradebook?


Reviewing Instructor-Graded Activities

From Submissions to be Graded in Your Instructor Tools Menu

1.     Click on one of the activity links in your Submissions to be Graded list. The first student submission for the activity will load on the screen.

2.     Grade the student's question responses per the directions in steps 1-2 in the section below, "From within the Grade book's Detail View."

3.     After scoring each question in the activity for the student, click the "Save - Next Pending" button to save this student's score and move directly to the next pending activity item that requires grading. You may also click "Save - Return," which will return you to the screen on which you began where you can choose another link in your "Submissions to be Graded" list.

Note: If you wish to view and grade only the items you have assigned, please click the link "Show assigned only" in your "Submissions to be graded" list.
From within the Gradebook's Detail View

Instructor-graded items—indicated by an ‘instructor’ icon—will display the score “Pending” until the student’s response for each question item is reviewed and awarded a grade.
Click on a student’s Pending score link in the grade book's Detail view to review their work and assign grades for questions that require instructor grading.
1.     Choose one of two scoring options for each question item:

·         Select a percentage score from the Score drop-down.
·         Or select a Quick Grade option by clicking Full Credit or No Credit.

2.     To leave feedback for a student, you can use a question item’s Comments area or a submission’s General comments box to enter your feedback. Mouse-click in a “comments” box and type comments.

3.     Click one of the Save buttons to save awarded scores and comments.