Supersite: Applying Late Assignment Settings


Accepting Late Assignments

1. Click the Assignment Options tab.

2. In the Overdue Assignments section, select the checkbox labeled "Students can submit overdue assignments for credit."

Note: To accept late assignments from the gradebook, first click on a student’s "0%" grade which appears in red type, then click the Accept button to accept the submission as late.

3. Select one of the “overdue submissions” penalty choices offered:

  • No penalty: students receive full credit, even if it is late.
  • Flat-rate penalty: specify a fixed percentage that will be deducted from students’ scores, no matter how late they submit the assignment.
  • Per day penalty: specify a percentage that will be deducted from students’ scores for each day that an assignment is overdue.

4. The system will automatically reset overdue status on student submissions if you check “When I extend a due date, reset the overdue status of any existing submissions.” This is useful in cases where an assignment due date needs to be extended as a result of class cancellations caused by weather, a power outage, or instructor illness.

5. If you wish to allow students to submit exams and tests assigned on the Assessment tab, click in the checkbox beside “Students can submit overdue Assessment exams for credit.” This is a useful setting for students who are scheduled to take a make-up exam.

6. After making the appropriate selections, save your changes before navigating away from the Assignment Options screen.