Submitting Overdue Assignments - Supersite 2.0


If your teacher does not allow you to turn in overdue assignments, they will be removed from the assignments list in “Student Tools,” but you can still work on them and turn in overdue assignments by going directly into a lesson using the Contents menu.

1. Once in a lesson, look for overdue assignments in the due date column of each activity section.

2. Once you locate an overdue assignment, click on its activity title.

3. When the activity window launches, carefully read the directions and review the information about how many attempts you will have to complete the activity as well as any details about how your submission will be evaluated and warnings about the item being overdue.

4. Complete all of the question items and click the Submit button.

5. You will receive immediate feedback about your work. Your score may either display at 0% — if your teacher does not accept overdue submissions — or your score may reflect late penalties per your teacher’s policy on overdue assignments.

Note: Only your teacher can override late penalties assessed on your submission. Please consult with your teacher about his/her policy on overdue assignments.