Grading Review Request - Supersite 2.0


This feature is only available if your Supersite account has WebSAM access and if your teacher has activated this feature for use from his or her account. You may use Request Review to alert your teacher to review your fill-in-the-blank responses for accurateness. Your teacher has the option to deny your request or change your score if he or she feels your response is correct.

Grading Review Request Icons:

1. For any computer-graded fill-in-the-blank response that you believe was mismarked as incorrect, click the “Request Review” icon to submit a request to your teacher to review your response for accurateness.

2. While your request is “pending” you will see the “request pending” icon beside the question item and along with your score for the activity.

3. You can cancel a request by clicking on a question item’s “request pending” icon.

4. Once your teacher has responded to your request, the “request pending” icon will change.

a. If your request is denied, you will see the “request denied” icon .

b. If your request is accepted and your teacher changes your score, your new score will be highlighted in blue and you will see the “request accepted” icon .