Resolving Connection Failure issues during Live Chat and Partner Chat


• First, please ensure that you are using an up to date version of Microsoft EDGE, Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After updating or switching to a suggested browser, please try again and determine if that solved your issue. Otherwise, please continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

• You may need to clear your cached internet files and cookies to resolve any conflicts caused by cached website files. Instructions to clear these files and cookies can be found at

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Microsoft EDGE:

• Verify your webcam and microphone are installed and working properly

• Please check to make sure that your system's default player plugins are up to date. Please refer to the following documentation: Supersite HELP TOPIC: Check Your Plug-Ins & Media Players

• You may need to update or reinstall your Adobe Flash Player plugin to clear any configuration errors. Adobe Flash Player is required for all audio, video, and recording functionality on the Supersite. You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player from

• When accessing the activity, if a permissions screen appears asking to access your microphone and/or webcam, click "allow". This is required in order to use the recording functions of the site. Be aware that your browser may also prompt you with an allow/deny request which will also prevent the recording functionality from working unless you allow the site access to your camera and microphone.

• Next, if the adobe flash permissions box no longer pops-up, you may follow this link to set your global flash players settings to "always ask". Once you have completed this step, please attempt the activity again and you will be prompted to either allow or deny the Supersite to access your camera and microphone. Please select "allow" and also select the "remember" check box to save your settings.

• Please ensure that you have cookies enabled for your browser. If you do not know how to do this for your browser, please consult the following article: A Master Guide: How to Enable Cookies on Your Web Browser

• Finally, please ensure you are using a stable internet connection. Bad connections or unstable wireless connections often contribute to connectivity issues which may affect your Supersite experience and the ability to transmit data to our servers.

• After doing all of the above, please restart your computer and then re-attempt your activities once your computer has rebooted.

If you are still having trouble, we would like to work with you to resolve any issues you have encountered. Please a help request including the following information so we may individually diagnose your issue,

Contact Phone Number

Date/Time to contact

System Type: PC or Mac (If Mac, what model)

Browser and version

Operating system and version

Flash version (must be enabled)

Internet connection in use: wired or wireless

Location: campus network, home, other

Time and Date of chat

Technical Difficulties (such as: inability to see partner names, inability to send/receive/accept invitation from partner, inability to connect to partner, inability to record, inability to submit, ect)


Please click Submit a Request for further assistance.