Firefox (Windows): How to Enable Cookies on your web browser


How to Enable Cookies on your web browser


What are cookies?
Cookies are little pieces of data that can be stored on your web browser, used for visitor tracking purposes. Cookies cannot access your system or retrieve information that isn't already showing on your web browser. Cookies cannot access your hard drive or send information about your computer system. Cookies are just simply a data storage system.
VHL Supersite and Portales sites will operate more efficiently if your Internet browser has certain preferences set. For all supported browsers, “Cookies” must be accepted, Security should be set initially to “medium” or “default” and JavaScript should be enabled.

Quick Guide
Windows: Firefox v.1.5 - current version
1. Click Tools or the Firefox button
2. Select Options.
3. Click Privacy.
4. Check Accept Cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies
5. Click OK
6. Restart computer, log into account.

Detailed Instructions
1. Click on the Tools-menu found on top page section of Firefox browser. (latest version: click on the Firefox button on the top left-side of browser page and click on Options)

2. Click on the Options item in the menu - a new window will open.

3. Click on the Privacy selection in the left part of the window.

4. Expand the Cookies section by clicking on it.

5. Check-off Accept Cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies (if applicable) checkboxes.

6. Save changes by clicking Ok.

7. Close your Firefox browser, restart computer and sign into your account.

Import browser settings from Internet Explorer to Mozilla / Firefox
If you have enabled cookies on your Internet Explorer, you can simply open your Firefox browser and click FILE on file menu, select IMPORT – make sure Internet Explorer is selected and click NEXT. Make sure Cookies has a checkmark, click NEXT and finally click FINISH.