Supersite Transition 2018: Higher Education FAQs


This only applies to Supersite 2.0 programs. 

  • I can’t find my program on my vhlcentral home page. What do I do? Scroll through to the bottom of your page and look for a newer version of the program.
  • How do I know which program I’ve been transferred to? Click here to find out.
  • How do I access my old course? Your old course is no longer available.
  • I downloaded student scores from my old course before it disappeared. Can I now upload this information into my new course? No.
  • How soon may instructors set up 2018-2019 academic year or summer 2018 courses in a program's upgraded Supersite? As soon as instructors have full access. To request access, please contact your Vista Higher Learning sales rep.
  • If any educators at your institution have questions about the transition, who should they contact? Please contact your Vista Higher Learning sales rep.
  • If anyone at the institution has questions about the technical requirements for the upgraded Supersite(s), who should they contact? After reviewing the technical requirements document, contact Technical Support with questions.