Accessing the Mobile, Flash-Free vText (Pre-2018 Copyright Titles)


Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are actively taking steps to disable Flash and, eventually, to end support for Flash by December 2020. Our Flash-based vTexts (pre-2018 copyright titles) will stop working based on these browser updates To address this, there is the mobile Flash-free version of our older vTexts available if viewed on a mobile device.

The applies to the programs listed at the end of this article. Note that all programs with a c2018 to present feature a Flash-free vText.



You can navigate these vTexts using the following methods:

  • Input a page number into the text field at top of the page
  • Select the Table of Contents, accessible via the menu on top left
  • Click and drag a page to left or right using your mouse
  • Swipe left or right on a touch screen

Note: Two-page view, zoom in/zoom out, and left/right page navigation arrows are not available in this version of vText.

Note: MacOS devices that support Multi-Touch gestures (including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Multi-Touch trackpad, or Magic Mouse) support page zoom using the “pinch” and “spread” gestures. Support for these gestures must be activated within System Preferences > Trackpad.



Book Notes and Book Highlights

  • Where available, notes and/or highlights can be added by clicking and holding down until the “Add Note / Highlight” option appears.
  • These will then be available in “All Book Notes” or “All Book Highlights”, found using the menu at top left.


Program vTexts that can be viewed Flash-free via a mobile device:

  • Aventuras, Fourth Edition
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 1
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 2
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 3
  • D'accord! © 2016 Level 1A
  • D'accord! © 2016 Level 1B
  • Descubre 1A
  • Descubre 1B
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 1
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 2
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 3
  • Enlaces, First Edition
  • Espaces, Third Edition
  • Face-à-face, Second Edition
  • Imagina, Third Edition
  • Intrigas, Second Edition
  • Mosaik Level 1
  • Mosaik Level 2
  • Mosaik Level 3
  • Promenades, Second Edition
  • Sag mal, First Edition
  • Sueña, Third Edition
  • Taller de escritores, Second Edition
  • Temas, First Edition
  • ¡Viva!, Third Edition

For the ©2017 Descubre titles, this applies only to the Teacher’s Edition. The student vText is already a Flash-free reader. Teachers can access both via the Content menu in their account. 

  • Descubre 1A, ©2017
  • Descubre 1B, ©2017
  • Descubre 1, ©2017
  • Descubre 2, ©2017
  • Descubre 3, ©2017