Navigating the Flash-Free vText (Pre-2018 Copyright Titles)


Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are actively taking steps to disable Flash and, eventually, to end support for Flash altogether. If Flash-based vTexts stop working based on browser updates, we would be unable to fix this problem. To address this, we have changed our older vTexts to stop using Flash by switching to the mobile Flash-free version of vText even when it is viewed on desktops/laptops.

The change applies to the programs listed at the end of this article.



You can navigate these vTexts using the following methods:

  • Input a page number into the text field at top of the page
  • Select the Table of Contents, accessible via the menu on top left
  • Click and drag a page to left or right using your mouse
  • Swipe left or right on a touch screen

Note: Two-page view, zoom in/zoom out, and left/right page navigation arrows are not available in this version of vText.

Note: MacOS devices that support Multi-Touch gestures (including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Multi-Touch trackpad, or Magic Mouse) support page zoom using the “pinch” and “spread” gestures. Support for these gestures must be activated within System Preferences > Trackpad.



Book Notes and Book Highlights

  • Where available, notes and/or highlights can be added by clicking and holding down until the “Add Note / Highlight” option appears.
  • These will then be available in “All Book Notes” or “All Book Highlights”, found using the menu at top left.


Programs upgraded to a Flash-free vText:

  • A Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar, Second Edition
  • Aventuras, Fourth Edition
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 1
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 2
  • D'accord! © 2015, Level 3
  • D'accord! © 2016 Level 1A
  • D'accord! © 2016 Level 1B
  • Descubre 1A
  • Descubre 1B
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 1
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 2
  • Descubre, Second Edition, Level 3
  • Enlaces, First Edition
  • Espaces, Third Edition
  • Face-à-face, Second Edition
  • Imagina, Third Edition
  • Intrigas, Second Edition
  • Mosaik Level 1
  • Mosaik Level 2
  • Mosaik Level 3
  • Promenades, Second Edition
  • Sag mal, First Edition
  • Sueña, Third Edition
  • Taller de escritores, Second Edition
  • Temas, First Edition
  • Thèmes, First Edition
  • ¡Viva!, Third Edition

For the ©2017 Descubre titles, only the Teacher’s Edition has changed. The student vText is already a Flash-free reader. Teachers can access both via the Content menu in their account. Applies to:

  • Descubre 1A, ©2017
  • Descubre 1B, ©2017
  • Descubre 1, ©2017
  • Descubre 2, ©2017
  • Descubre 3, ©2017