Delete Student - I'm a teacher / I'm IT


The student configuration in both programs Español Santillana and Descubre el español depends on the school configuration. If you are not sure about how your school is integrated with our platform, please ask your IT for more information.

There is a difference between deleting a student and unenrolling. If you want to delete your student from your course, but not from the platform, please read Unenrolling a student from a course.

School using LDAP integration:

LDAP integration allows users to log in our platform using the same credentials (user/password) as in the school. If you certainly have this type of integration and you want to delete a student from our platform, your IT administrator may delete that record form the Santillana LDAP group. Please ask for this change. 

School using SFTP integration:

If your school is integrated by SFTP, the school IT or the roster administrator needs to delete the user from the csv file. The roster is hosted by the school, so the best solution is asking to your IT administrator to make this modification. 

School using a csv file:

If your school sent a csv file, the faster to delete a student is submitting a ticket to our technical support team. Please be specific with the student name and the group.