Too many redirects error when opening the eBook or Teacher Edition


Too many redirects. The error comes up when accessing the ebook (Interactive Student Book) or the Teacher Edition in Español Santillana 1, 2, 3, 4, 1A or 1B.

 The most probable cause is related with the user email address. If there is no an email address, the system denies the request. This is because the ebook is hosted in a Content Management System (CMS).


Schools with LDAP/SFTP/Integration:

If your school is integrated via LDAP/SFTP or another option that push users automatically to the platform, contact your system administrator and ask him to add an email address to the specific user.

 Schools using a csv:

Please submit a ticket to our team asking to review the "Too many redirect error" and a list of users with the fail.

Note: fake emails are accepted to allow the request.