Customize Quizzes and Tests in Schoology


Customizing Quizzes and Tests (video)

The tabs that appear when you open an assessment allow you to customize and edit assessments to suit your students’ needs.

The Questions tab allows you to see the questions contained in the assessment.

Underneath this tab, the Add Question button allows you to add a variety of questions that you create, or add selected questions from your Question Banks.

The Options button allows you to add questions from this assessment to the Question Bank or reorder the existing quiz questions.

Settings gives you control over various elements of the testing situation.

Preview allows you to look at the test before releasing it to students.

Results lets you see how well students performed on the test. You can view results by student or by question. Click on View Attempts to see a student’s answers.


The information in this article may not apply to all Santillana USA instructional programs, as program components and tools may vary.