Use & Customize the Schoology Gradebook


Using & Customizing the Gradebook (video)

Using the Gradebook

The Gradebook is easy to use. Teachers can send grades directly from the SmartCenter Teacher Dashboard, and students can easily submit other teacher-created assignments. Teachers will be able to grade and comment on those submissions. See the section titled Grade Assignments and Activities for more information.

To view graded assignments more efficiently, click on the All Categories tab and choose the specific category you wish to see.

Student Profiles appear when a teacher clicks on individual student names. This allows teachers to keep track of student work submissions and send messages.


Customizing the Gradebook

You can customize the categories for assignments and assign them weights toward the overall grade.

Click on the Grade Setup tab in the left column.

You can add Categories by clicking the  + Add button.


You can delete Categories by hovering over the category name and clicking the X icon that appears.

Clicking on the star icon makes that the default category for new assignments.