myClassroom-Teacher. Self-create your courses, students and enrollments (Santillana USA Products)



1. The school must have Schoology as their LMS

How to login?
1. Go to
2. Type your username (email) and password and then click on Login. You can checkmark “Remember me” in case if you do not want to type your username every time.



myClassroom's Landing Page (Teacher Dashboard) and its Components

1. School Information: In this panel, you will find the number of courses and users (teachers and students) that have been created for this school.

2. Course Panel: In here, you will see a much detailed information of the courses, picture, top 10 users, and actions (members and delete course). Also, you will find the button “New Course” where the teacher can create new courses based on the content the school has bought.

3. School Members: Inside this panel, you will see all the members created for this school (teachers and students).

4. Help (chat): In case if you need help or have any questions regarding myClassroom, you can use the chat option. Agents from Santillana Tech Support will be ready to help.


How to create courses?
1. Go to the Course Panel.
2. Click on New Course.


3. In the new panel:


- Select the course.
- Name the course based on your needs (Spanish 1, Spanish 2, etc.).
- Select the current grading period.


Note: The course settings are optional. They do not to be filled in order to create the course.

4. Click on Create Course.

5. Immediately, you will see a dialog box. Click on Ok.

6. After waiting a couple of minutes, you must click on the "Update School".


How to create users (students)?
1. From the teacher dashboard, click on School Members.
2. Click on New User.


3. Fill the blanks with the Student's information.
Note: You can create more than one students at once by just clicking on "Add New Row". We suggest to input no more than 15 students in case there is an internet outage or a glitch.


4. Click on "Check and Create User" button.
5. Click on Ok in the Dialog Box.

6. Click on Update School.


 If you want to add a new teacher account, please submit the request by using the chat, the web form, or email.
Note: "Creating a student" process is not the same as "Enrollment". You need to create student users before you enroll them.


How to enroll students and teachers in a course?
1. From the Courses panel, click go to the "Actions" column, and click on "members".

2. In the next panel, click on "Add Users".
3. Click to give a checkmark to the student(s) that you want to enroll and click “Check and Enroll Users".

4. If the student has been enrolled successfully, you will see a green checkmark validating the enrollment.

5. Click on "Finish".

6. Click on "Update School".


In the course Panel, you will see the Top 10 Users with their initials (Dark blue for Teachers and Light Blue for Students).

Note: "Enrolling Students and Teachers" process is not the same as "creating users". You must create the users first before enrolling them in the classes.


How to un-enroll students from a class?

1. In the courses panel, find the course you want to un-enroll/remove students. On the right, under "Actions", click on "Members".

2.  In the new window, you will see all the students enrolled in the class. You can use the search bar to find the student (name or last name) or use page feature to find it manually. In order to un-enroll/remove the student, just click on "Unenroll".

3. After you have un-enrolled the desired students, click on "Update School".



How to delete courses?

If you decide to delete a course, we suggest to analyze the following criteria before you do the process:

  • Backup all the information regarding with grading: When a course is deleted, all the information related to grading, activities, attempts will be wiped out.

1. Go to the Course panel and look for the course you want to delete. On the right side, you will see the "Actions" section. Click on .

2. Click on Ok to confirm the deletion.

We suggest to delete courses when the school academic year is over.