Add a Teacher-Created Assignment in Schoology


You can also create a new Assignment.

Add an Assignment in one of these ways:

1. From within any unit or folder, click on the little green + that appears when you hover over empty space. Choose Add Assignment.

2. Alternatively, click on the Calendar icon, then click on the day you want the assignment to be due. (Use this option to assign the same assignment to multiple classes at once.)

3. Choose Assignment at the top of the window (instead of Event). To assign to multiple classes, type any part of the name of the Course you want to assign it to. Once the class appears, choose it from the list. Each class can have its own due date, as well.

In either case, give the Assignment a name and choose the settings for the assignment. Click Create.

Students will see the Assignment in their list of Upcoming events, as well as in Materials.

For assignments that you have created, students can write their answers directly in the Schoology® platform, record audio or video, or upload documents such as Word or Powerpoint files.