How to Remove an Assignment in Schoology?


Removing an Assignment in Schoology®

All of the SmartCenter quizzes, tests, and practice activities are already linked to the gradebook, as are any teacher-created assignments you may have made.

However, if you have assigned a due date to something and now wish to remove it from your calendar or Upcoming view, you can simply remove the due date.


Note: You do not need to actually delete the activity, assessment, or assignment; you can always unpublish or reorganize materials to clean up the Materials list, but we recommend that you not delete any activities as they are difficult to recover in the future.


To remove the due date from an activity:

Click on the Gear icon.  Select Editbe sure that you select only Edit!


Go to the calendar.  Highlight the due date and delete it. 


Save changes, and the assignment will be removed from your Calendar and Upcoming list.