Assign an Assessment in Schoology


Another key feature of Schoology® is the ease of using Español Santillana’s Online Assessments, customizing them, and even creating your own.


In the Materials list, navigate to the Online Assessment folder. Open the folder and select your assessment.  If you click on the blue title, you’ll see the default, preset assessment.


To see a clearer preview of how the quiz will look to students, click the Preview tab at the top, under the name of the quiz. (It will show you a warning that you only have one attempt, but you can click the button that says "Start New Attempt" without worrying. The warning is only for students, who will indeed be starting and submitting their attempt.)


By default, all assessments are hidden from student view.

To Assign an Assessment, you must simply make it visible to students.

1. Once you have opened the quiz or test by following the instructions above, click on the Settings tab at the top.

2. In the Availability menu, choose Available now, or to specify a window of time during which students may access the quiz, choose Available now until…

or Available from… until…

3. If the test or quiz contains sections that will require students to write words in Spanish, you will probably want to set the Language Keyboard option to Spanish while assigning the Assessment. This will display a miniature keyboard of special and accented characters that students can use while taking the assessment.

You will probably also want to choose “Yes” under View Submissions so that students can see what they answered after the quiz and learn from any mistakes.

Assigning a due date is not necessary, but will allow the quiz or test to appear in the calendar and Upcoming list. To assign a due date to an Assessment, navigate to the quiz or test in the Materials index.

1. Click on the gear icon next to the quiz name. Choose Edit.

2. In the Due date field, choose the date you want the assessment to be due. Click Save changes.


The information in this article may not apply to all Santillana USA instructional programs, as program components and tools may vary.