Grade Quizzes and Tests in Schoology


Grading Quizzes and Tests (video)

You can grade quizzes and tests from directly within the Online Assessments.

You will receive notification in your Reminders when a student has completed a quiz or test.

To view the student’s work, click on the link in Reminders. Alternatively, from the Materials index, you can navigate directly to the quiz or test, and click on the Results tab at the top. A third option is to click on the name of the quiz in the Gradebook. All three options will bring you to the Results screen:

If there is a section that requires manual grading, you will see an asterisk * instead of a grade along with the words Pending Review in the Final Score column.

Click on View Attempts to see the student’s attempts. Then click on the gear icon and choose View/Edit to see the student’s answers to each question on the test.

You will see the score for automatically graded activities, as well as possible acceptable answers for any questions the student answered incorrectly. You may override this score by clicking on the number, or leave comments for the student by clicking Add Comment.

You will see an asterisk * for any sections that were not automatically graded.

Click on the asterisk * to add a grade.

Be sure to Save Changes before leaving the screen.

When grading open-ended or manually graded responses for a whole class, it might be more convenient to use the View by Question option. Using the Results tab, click on View by Question. This will allow you to see all students’ answers at once for the particular question that needs to be graded. 


The information in this article may not apply to all Santillana USA instructional programs, as program components and tools may vary.