What Should I Grade? (Santillana USA Products)


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Ms. Lopez

For her class, she uses two of the resources: The Smartbook and the Practice book. She decided these materials will work best for her in-class instruction and practice.

For Ms. Lopez, this is the best way to evaluate students' participation. By using the teacher dashboard, she can change the number of attempts of an activity, manually adjust the grade, and select the activities for grading before sending the scores to the gradebook.

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Mr. Hudson

He is a teacher that likes to interact with their students as much as possible. So, time in class is very valuable for him. He decided to use Online Assessments as the only way to evaluate his students.  This frees up more time to focus on other things.


By using Online Assessments, Mr. Hudson can view/edit each one of the questions of the test, override a grade, and leave a comment. Also, he will receive notification in Reminders when a student has completed a quiz or test. If you want to learn more, you can visit our article on Grade Quizzes and Tests in Schoology.