Get started with Español Santillana in Schoology


Getting Started: Welcome to the Español Santillana SmartCenter in Schoology!

Have you purchased the Español Santillana program but you aren’t sure where to begin? You’re in the right place!

This article is geared towards teachers who are new to the Español Santillana program in Schoology. If your school or district will be using Canvas, click here


  1. Tour of the Schoology platform

Once you can log into the Schoology platform, you can get started! For some basic information about navigation in Schoology, click here. 

Let’s take a quick tour of the Español Santillana materials as they appear in Schoology.  

If you want to reorganize materials, or add your own teacher-created resources into a course in Schoology, this article will help you get started. 


  1. Features of the SmartCenter materials

The Español Santillana SmartCenter contains a variety of interactive materials, including the SmartBook, Fans Online practice activities, Practice Workbook, and Speaking and Listening Workbook. These four components feature interactive automatic- and teacher-graded activities.

For an overview of the student and teacher SmartBook, click here.

For additional information about the SmartCenter, check out the two main videos embedded on the Santillana Help Center’s home page.


  1. Basic How-tos

Q: How do I assign a SmartCenter activity (Fans Online/Practice Workbook/Speaking & Listening Workbook activities)?

A: Check out this article.


Q: How do I see student grades for a SmartCenter activity?

A: All student scores for SmartCenter activities appear automatically in the Teacher Dashboard, and can be sent to the LMS gradebook from there. For more information, check out this article


Q: How do I access the Teacher’s Edition?

A: The Teacher’s Edition and Student Book are both included in the Español Santillana SmartBook. While you are logged in as a teacher, open the SmartBook to the desired unit. Then just click the mortarboard/cap icon in the upper right-hand corner:  


This will show the text from the Teacher’s Edition at point-of-use. To see Answer Keys and teaching suggestions related to individual Student Book activities, click on the pink “Teacher” icon next to the activity.


Students will not be able to view the Teacher’s Edition icons and will therefore not be able to access the Teacher’s Edition.


Q: How do I assign an Online Assessment?

A: All Online Assessment links are visible to students by default, but the quizzes and tests themselves are not viewable until you make them "Available." For information on how to make Online Assessments available to students, click here