Organize Your Materials in Schoology, Español Santillana


One of the most convenient parts of using Español Santillana in Schoology is that all program materials are housed in the same place, and can be reorganized or added to however you like.

Get to know the organization of the Español Santillana instructional materials

Materials Index & Organization (video)


You can also add your own materials

Integrate all your favorite tried-and-true materials, presentations, and documents; add links to the most up-to-date news, such as from El País or

How to add your own material (Article)?

Adding Your Own Materials (video)


Save Materials to Resources

You can save any of your own materials to the Schoology Resources. Similar to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, this allows all your files, links, Online Assessments, teacher-created assignments, etc. to be saved in one place for easy import to your other class sections or for use in the future.

Saving Materials for Later (video)

Saving Materials for Later (Article)