Record and Compare Activities Update (July 2019)



The default point value for Record and Compare activities has changed to 2 points per question, from 10 points per question. This improvement is in response to feedback from customers that some Record and Compare activities were worth too many points, and were having a disproportional effect on students’ grades.

For example, a Record and Compare activity with 8 questions, previously worth 80 points (8 X 10 points), is now worth 16 points (8 X 2 points), making these activities more in-line, proportionally, with other program activities (multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank).

Recording activities with only one question, for which a longer response is expected, are still worth 10 points total.

Virtual Chat, Video Virtual Chat and Partner Chat activities are still worth 10 points total.

For the classes that will begin later in Summer 2019 or in Fall 2019, please note that if your course has the same set of assignments as a previous academic term's course, you may see a ‘total points possible’ value that reflects the change in default point values for Record and Compare activities.


Point Value Changes Are Not Retroactive For Work Submitted Before the Update

For classes/courses that were active as this change was made (July 3rd), instructors may notice that a score for a 10-question activity submitted before that date was scored as 80/100 points, while the score for the same activity submitted by a different student after the change is scored as 16/20 points. The percentage score for both students is the same (80%) even though the points earned and points possible values are different for the two students. As a result, these two students will have different TOTAL points earned/possible for the course/class, but their grades will be calculated correctly based on the version of the activity completed.