Schoology Access Transition 2020 FAQs


If our district/school uses our own district-purchased Schoology, do we have to move to a vhlcentral Supersite? No.


How do I access my old courses in Schoology?

If Schoology was provided to your school district by Santillana USA, your old courses will not be available beginning July 1, 2020.


What is going to happen with my custom resources in Schoology? Can I download or transfer my custom resources to a vhlcentral Supersite?

If Schoology was provided to your school district by Santillana USA, you will no longer have access to any custom resources in Schoology, so you should download them before July 1, 2020. (Access Schoology's how-to instructions in this article Note that Schoology supports select file types (review the list of supported file types in this article Teachers may add custom resources to vhlcentral Supersite courses including images, text documents, presentation slides, and custom activities (video, composition, student recording, partner chat).


What happens with the course templates provided by Santillana USA for use in our district's instance of Schoology?

If Santillana USA Support provided course templates for use with your district's instance of Schoology you will no longer have access to the templates, so you should make a copy of them before July 1, 2020. Please refer to this Schoology Support article for instructions.


Does the vhlcentral Supersite offer course management tools that are equivalent to the teacher dashboard tools in my Schoology courses?

Yes. Please visit the gradebook article on our Support Center for more information.


Can I upload or transfer student scores into a new vhlcentral Supersite course? No.


What resources are available to help me learn how to use the vhlcentral Supersite?

In addition to our on-demand webinars, there are user manuals, support articles, and brief how-to videos.


As a teacher, can I still use MyClassroom to roster students?

The MyClassroom District tool will still be available, but we are discontinuing the MyClassroom Teacher tool. Please contact your transition specialist for more information.


Can I use the program’s vhlcentral Supersite for in-class instructional presentations? Yes.


When can I access my program’s Supersite on vhlcentral?

Educator access will be in place by July 1, 2020. If you wish to evaluate the Supersite, trial access is available. Please contact your transition specialist.


When I have access to my program’s Supersite, can I create a course? How are students enrolled in my new course?

Yes, teachers may create courses for student enrollment if your district is not using our rostering services. There are several options available to roster students. Please review the rostering FAQ below.


Does the transition to a program's vhlcentral Supersite or Course Cartridge affect the access duration for users (students and teachers)?

No, the school/district retains the remaining time on a program's site license.


Is the Rostering process going to change? What Rostering options are available?

Yes. We support OneRoster files. If your district is already using our rostering services, you will be able to roster with vhlcentral. Please contact your transition specialist for more information.


 What SSO options are available?

Districts may opt to use SSO between vhlcentral and a supported LMS. For districts using our rostering services, SAML and Google Classroom SSO are supported. Please contact your transition specialist for more information.


If anyone in the district/school has questions about the technical requirements for the Supersite(s), who should they contact? After reviewing the technical requirements document, contact your transition specialist with questions.