VHLCentral HELP TOPIC: Account Home




vhlcentral: Return to your vhlcentral Home page.


Your account name: Your account name menu may include access to:

  • My Account: From "My Account," you can edit the details of your account including your username, email, year of birth, secret question and answer, preferred time zone, and your password. Click the "Edit My Account" to access and update your account information. Click the "Help" link on the "My account" screen for more instructions.

Contrast: Toggle contrast on or off.


Help: The Help menu may include access to:

  • How-to videos: Access how-to tutorial video to help get you started on VHL Central or look for this icon.
  • Help: Access instructions for the features on the current page or visit the VHL Support Center. Search across our entire knowledge base, including downloads, solutions and FAQ’s.

Logout: Exit your VHL Central account.
Publishers Corner area: Read feature articles about language and culture, as well as tips and best practices for using VHL Central.
Programs area: The "programs" menu on your Home page lists all of the Vista Higher Learning sites to which you may currently have access. You can view and access your active class/course by clicking on the textbook image, its title, or the title of the class/course in which you are enrolled. Instructors and teachers can create and manage courses/classes by clicking on a textbook image or its title.
Redeem a code: If you have any codes to redeem, you may do so after logging in to your account. In the "my programs" menu, click "Redeem a code." Enter your new code in the code field. Click "redeem." Look for confirmation that the new code was successfully redeemed. Your new access should be listed in the "my programs" menu of your Home page. Click on the textbook image or title to access the program.
Enroll in a course (student accounts): Students may enroll in a class/course from the VHLCentral Home page at any time. If you are a student, you must enroll in your teacher's class in order for you to see your assignments and for your teacher to see your completed work. Click "Enroll in a course" to go to the "course selection" screen. On the "course selection" screen, click the "Help" link for more instructions.
Add/Remove Instructor from a school (instructor accounts): If you are affiliated with more than one school, you can add additional schools to your account. Click the "Add/Remove Instructor from a school" link in the "my programs" menu. On the school selection page, type in the name of your school. To narrow the search results, consider including the city and state or country in which your school is located. Click "find." If the terms you entered did not result in a successful search, follow the on-screen tips to revise your search. Select your school from the list by clicking the desired school name from the options. Click "select school" to add the school to your account. Look for a flash alert on your Home page that confirms you successfully added the school. To remove a school, click the "Add/Remove Instructor from a school" link in the "my programs" menu and click on the remove link beside the school's name.
Edit programs (instructor accounts): Personalize your my programs list by hiding or changing the order of the programs appearing on your VHL Central Home page.
Demo other titles (instructor accounts): Choose to get Trial access for any of our language programs.
Cover image: To access your book’s site, click on the cover image of the textbook or its title.
Flash alerts: "Flash alerts" appear after completing an action within your VHLCentral account. For actions that are completed successfully, a green flash alert will display. For actions that are not completed successfully, a red flash alert will display.
Next step notices: "Next step" notices appear at the top center of your VHLCentral Home page. You may see "next step" notices until you complete the following actions in your account for the first time: redeem a code, enroll in a course, or enter an active course.