Create an Instructor-Generated Student Recording Activity


1. Select the “All sections” level of the course in which you wish to add an activity (use the course/section drop-down menu).

 Note: The “Add content” drop-down menu is not accessible within an individual course section.



2. Select the Content area (Assessment or Activities) and lesson in which you wish to add a new activity.

Note: Instructor-generated content may be added to the Activities or Assessment areas.




3. At the top right of the lesson's content menu, mouse-hover on Add content, New activity.




4. From New activity, select activity type, Student Recording (open-ended audio recording activity).




5. Fill in the required information for the activity type selected. Options may include:

  • Title
  • Direction line
  • YouTube video link (Video activities only)




  6. Depending on the activity type, you may also add optional information including:

  • Reference materials: add text, an image and/or a word bank, and/or record audio or video
  • Question prompt: this additional prompt may direct students to focus on the task that they have been asked to complete



7. Click save.

 Note: New activities are hidden. Opting to show or assign the activity will make it visible to students.