Online Instructor Guide 3.0: Gradebook Introduction


The information and settings you selected in the Gradebook step during the course creation process produces the customized layout that appears in your course Gradebook. When you first land in the Gradebook, you will always see the Scores>All Categories area of a course Gradebook. The Scores>All Categories view presents a cumulative, weighted average along with category averages (unweighted) for every student in the course. The Gradebook also offers a single student view to isolate the work of an individual student.

If you have limited time to manage your Gradebook, the Scores>All Categories view is as far into the Gradebook as you need to go. If you plan to fully utilize the Gradebook, you can alter its display, make cumulative student grade and individual assignment score adjustments, preview assignments, review late work, make roster adjustments, and record scores for work done outside of VHL Central.