Gradebook Scores: Adjust Student Grades 


 Adjust a Student's Cumulative Grade (To come: March 2018)

1. From the All Lessons or All Weeks view for All Categories, click a student's score in the Cumulative Grade column.



2. On the cumulative grade popup, use the up and down arrows to adjust the grade or mouse-click in the text field and type a number (can be a whole number plus one decimal place).

Note: Adjusted grade will display in the cumulative grade popup.


3. Enter a comment (required) about reasons for changing the student's cumulative grade.

Note: Comments are recorded in "Show Change History."


4. Click “save.”

Note: Adjusted grades are marked with a bullet.



Adjust a Student's Earned Score on an Assignment (Live: 12/28/2017)

1. Click a student's score for an assignment (either from the single student view or from the Gradebook's Score view).


2. On the Actions popup, click “Change Earned Score.”

Note: Changing the earned score on a “credit” activity may not impact the student’s grade.



3. Enter the new score or use the quick grade links to award credit (full or zero).

Note: The score must be entered as points. Review the total possible points in the “Current Earned Score” entry.





4. In the "Note to Self" field, enter a reason for changing the earned score (optional).


5. Click “Save.”

Note: Adjusted scores are marked with a bullet point. See “Show Change History” for instructions on how to view history.