Gradebook Scores: Accept Late Work For a Select Assignment


Accept a late assignment for a single student


1. Click the student's late score (either from the student view or from the Gradebook's Score view).


 2. On the Actions popup, click “Accept Late Work.”



3. In the "Note to Self" field, enter reasons for accepting the late work (optional).


4. Click the “Accept” button.

Note: Adjusted scores are marked with a bullet point.




 Accept a late assignment for several students

1. From an assignment's drop-down menu, select “Accept Late Work.”

Note: This feature is only active if students have submitted items late.



2. On the assignment's “Accept late work” page, select/deselect the check box(es) for the student(s) from whom you wish/do not wish to accept late work.


3. Click the “Apply” button.

Note: A message indicates the late work was successfully accepted.