Gradebook: Scores


Scores Area



The Scores area presents a different average in the first column (farthest left) for each student depending on your location within the course Gradebook. All averages are inclusive of assignments due before the current date and time.

  • Cumulative Grade (All Lessons or All Weeks>All Categories): This weighted average comprises all assigned course work.
  • Category Grade: When viewing a specific category, this unweighted average comprises all assigned work per the category selected.
  • Lesson Grade: When viewing a lesson, this unweighted average comprises all assigned work for the lesson per the category selected.
  • Lesson Section Grade: When viewing a lesson section, this unweighted average comprises all assigned work for the section of a lesson per the category selected.
  • Day Grade: When viewing by due day, each student’s unweighted average score for a specific day is listed in the Grade column and comprises all assigned work for the day per the category selected.


Adjust the Scores Display


To alter the gradebook’s display, select either Percentage or Points from the drop-down menu.

  • PERCENTAGE: Sets the display to percentage scores
  • POINTS: Sets the display to points earned



Navigate the Gradebook


Breadcrumb menu navigation: You can easily navigate to assignment scores in different categories, lessons, lesson sections, weeks or days by using the breadcrumb drop-down menus.




View By Lesson or Due Date: When working in the gradebook, you may opt to view assignment scores by due date or lesson.




View All Categories or a specific Category: When viewing assignment scores by lesson or due date, you may opt to focus on scores for All Categories in your gradebook or on scores for a specific category. All Categories is the default setting.




Maximize or Minimize View: The Maximize tool allows you to toggle the Scores area to display the maximum number of rows on the screen. Course navigation and account menus are not accessible in the Maximize view, but a click to the tool restores the minimize view and access to the Course navigation and account menus. Gradebook scrolling (left-right and up-down) is available when there are more students or gradebook columns than will fit on the screen.