Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Add Course Step 3 - Gradebook


Adding a course is simplified by way of a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the creation process. After you create your first course, you can copy its settings to build other courses.

  • Course (Step 1): In this step, you will name your course, identify the school at which the course will be taught, and set the start and end dates for the course.
  • Content (Step 2): Set the range of coverage for your course and indicate what level of Supersite access you expect students to have for your course.
  • Gradebook (Step 3): Your choices in this step will determine the layout and grade calculations within your course gradebook. You’ll begin with your course’s grading policy and create weighted categories for each portion of the grading policy. You’ll finish by customizing the settings for each category including defining its organization within the gradebook and setting the number of allowable attempts, lateness penalties, strictness settings, and the grading method (credit vs. graded) for assignments.
  • Summary (Step 4): Review the summary of information regarding your new course, make adjustments before finalizing the course setup, and print or download a summary for your records.


Gradebook (Step 3)
In the “Gradebook” step, you will customize the layout and settings for your course gradebook.  To learn more, watch the how-to tutorial video.

  1. The “Copy category settings from…” drop-down menu should be preset to the last course you created or to the course selected in step 1 of the wizard. You may change the selection to another course by clicking on the drop-down menu and making a new selection.
  2. To add a new category, click the “add category” button.
  3. Enter a name for the category. Note: Names must be 15 characters or less.
  4. Enter a weight. Note: Category weights must be whole numbers between 1-100.
  5. Adjust the Content, Grading, and Lateness settings for the category. See “Course Categories - Adjust Assignment Settings” for instructions.
  6. Click “save” to apply settings and add a new category.
  7. Repeat steps 1-7 to add additional categories.
  8. Make sure the categories’ weights total 100%. Note: You may need to make adjustments by clicking into a category’s weight field and entering an appropriate whole number.
  9. Click “next” to move to the Summary step. Note: You may return to the previous step to make changes by clicking the “back” button.

Edit Gradebook Category Names

  1. To edit a category, click the name of the category (link).
  2. Click into the name field and make desired changes.
  3. Click save.

Delete a Gradebook Category

  1. To delete a category, click the name of the category (link).
  2. Click delete. Note: You cannot delete a category if it has assignments posted to it.

Reorder the List of Gradebook Categories

  1. To reorder the categories in your gradebook layout, click the right or left arrow icons in each category header in the gradebook preview table.
  2. Repeat step 1 until all categories are in the desired order. Note: This order determines the order in which the categories appear in your gradebook.