Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Add Section Step 1 - Section Information


Add a Section to Your Supersite Course
A single or several sections comprise a course. Real students, a sample student, and assignments comprise a section.

Adding a section to your course is simplified by way of a two-step wizard that guides you through the creation process. After you create your first section, you can copy its settings to build other sections.

  • Section Information (Step 1): In this step, you will enter a name and information about the section, set a custom due time for assignments, confirm the time zone, and, if applicable, build an instructor team.
  • Class Days (Step 2): You will indicate the days of the week on which your section meets and add holidays, special events, or non-class days to the assignment Calendar. Your choices in this step will inform the build out of your section’s assignment Calendar.


Section Information (Step 1)

  1. From the Courses dashboard, click the "ADD SECTION" button for the course in which you would like to create a section.
  2. Enter a name for your section. Note: The Preview graphic dynamically displays your course section as it will appear to students during enrollment.
  3. From the Use settings from drop-down menu, select a section whose settings you wish to copy to create the new section. Note: If this is your first section, the only option available is System Defaults.
  4. Enter additional section information (such as meeting location, days, and time) to help distinguish it from others.
  5. Using the drop-down menus, select a due time for assignments.
  6. In Additional Instructor(s), select members of the instructor team for this section. (Optional. Skip to step 7 if this section will not be taught via an instructional team.)

    a. Select your role as the section creator.

            Instructor: You will obtain section administrator privileges and have the ability to make changes.
            Assistant: You will not have the ability to make any changes.

    b. For each member of this section’s team, assign a control level from the drop-down menu beside the instructor’s name.

            Co-instructor: Grants full control to manage the section, while also maintaining control rights for you.
            Assistant: Grants access to view the section.

  7. Click next to move to the Class Days step.