Grades: Reports




The Reports tool allows you to generate reports for all of your course sections.  





Create a Report

When creating a report, you may opt to include assignment data for:

  • Lessons and Ranges: A single lesson, a range or all, a single Gradebook category or all, and a single date or a date range.
  • Report Level: Add columns by lesson, week, category,  or Unit.
  • Data shown per level: Percentage, Activities Completed, Activities Assigned, Points Earned, Points Possible, or Time Spent.


  1. To get started, click “Create new report.”


  2. In the “Range” section, select the lesson and date as well as the category of the assignments you wish to include in the report.
    a. Use the “FROM” and “TO” drop-down menus to select the lessons that you wish to include in the report.

    b. “FROM” “Start of Course” and “TO”  “Yesterday” should be pre-selected. Make adjustments as needed. Note: If you select "Specific date" for the start or end of the date range, you must use the popup calendar tool to select a date.

    c. The “All” option for “CATEGORY” should be pre-selected. Adjust as needed. Note: You can only select one category option. Only the categories in the selected course section are listed as options.


  3. In “Results to Display,” make selections for “Report Level” and “Data Shown Per Level.”
    a. For “REPORT LEVEL,” select one option.

    b. For “Data shown per level,” select the data to include in the report.


  4. When you are satisfied with all of the selections, click RUN REPORT.

  5. The report results appear in the display area of the page.

  6. You can chose to save this report template to run again in the future by clicking SAVE SETTINGS.


  7. Enter a name for your report template.

  8. Click SAVE.


Run a Report

  1. Click on the title of a report in the the “Reports Home” list. Note: Be sure you have the target course section selected (check the course/section menu).


  2. Grading data for the selected report appears in the display area.


  3. You can export or print a copy of the report results.

a. To export: Click the EXPORT link. Save the file to a location of your choice.

b. To print: After exporting the report results, open the saved .csv file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft's Excel and use its print options.



Export Report Results

  1. After running a report, click EXPORT on the results summary page to generate a .csv file.



Edit a Saved Report Template

  1. From the “Reports Home” list, select the report template that you wish to edit by clicking its Edit link.


  2. Make the desired changes to the settings.

  3. When you are satisfied with your edits, click Run Report.

  4. Your edits are applied and the results for the chosen course section appear in the display area of the page.


Delete a Report Template

  1. From the “Reports Home” list, remove the report template by clicking its Delete link.


  2. Click OK to confirm.