Getting Started: My school required me to purchase an access code


Returning Students

If you have an existing account for any Vista Higher Learning textbook, complete these steps:

  • Go to
  • Log in using your existing account information.
  • Choose one of these options:

Already have access to the Vista Higher Learning textbook site for this course? Enroll in the course by clicking the "Enroll in a course" link. Then go to "Step 5 - Select a Course/Class" below.


Don't yet have access to the Vista Higher Learning textbook site for this course? Redeem your new code by clicking the "Redeem a code" link. Then go to "Step 4 - Activate Code" below.


New Students

If you are new to Vista Higher Learning, complete these steps:


Step 1 - Go to



Step 2 - Choose one of these options

  • Did you buy your code at the Vista Higher Learning online Store? If you created a student account on the store, use the same login information. If you can see your course book on the home page after logging in, go to "Step 5 -Select a Course/Class." If no book appears, go to "Step 4 - Activate Code."


  • Create an Account by clicking the “Create an account >>” link.
  • In the "Login Information" section of the account creation page, enter a username of your choice.
  • Enter the email address you would like to associate with your account.
  • Enter and confirm a password of your choice.
  • In the "Personal Profile" section, enter your first and last name as you wish them to appear in your Instructor's roster.
  • Select the year of your birth from the drop down list.
  • Enter a student ID (optional).
  • In the "Security Information" section, provide the answer to a secret question, which may later be used to help you access your account if you forget your password.
  • After you enter all of the information, click "create an account."
  • Click "agree." (Before your account is created, you must agree to the terms and conditions of use policy.)


Step 3 - Select a School

  • Locate your school by typing your school’s name. To narrow the search results, add the city and state, (include the country, if outside of the USA) in which your school is located.
  • Click "find." If the terms you entered did not result in a successful search, follow the on-screen tips to revise your search.
  • Select your school from the list by clicking on its name.
  • Click "select school" to add the school to your account.
  • Look for a message at the top of the screen confirming you successfully added the school.


Step 4 - Activate Code

Redeem Button

  • On the code activation screen, enter your code. (Got questions about your code, see our FAQs.)
  • Click "activate code" to continue.
  • Look for a message at the top of the screen confirming that the code was successfully redeemed.


Step 5 - Select a Course/Class

  • On the VHL Central Home page, click the “enroll in a course” link located in “my programs.”
  • From the list of available classes at your school for your textbook, look for your instructor’s name and the name of your instructor’s course.
  • Click the radio button for the course section in which you need to enroll. If more than one course section is listed for your instructor, click the information icons for each one until you locate the correct course section.
  • Click Save. You should see a confirmation that you successfully enrolled in your instructor's course.


Step 6 – Watch How-to Videos

  • Check out the many helpful resources designed specifically to help you learn about and make the best use of your textbook’s site.