Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Gradebook - Email students



Email a Student

  1. Click on a student's name in the Gradebook's roster.
  2. From a student’s record, click the student’s email address.
  3. This will open a pre-addressed email message using your machine’s default email software. Note: If you use web-mail, you may have to copy and paste the student’s email address into a new message.


Email Several Students

  1. To email several students, click the “Send email to students” link (bottom of the Gradebook page).
  2. From the “Email students page, names of students enrolled in your course are pre-selected. Note: Remove students from the list by clicking on the check box beside their name to remove the check mark.
  3. Select the punctuation separator that is accepted by your email program–either comma or semicolon.
  4. Click “send with e-mail program” button to launch a pre-addressed message in your computer’s default email program. Note: If you are using a web-based email program–Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.–copy the list of student email addresses and paste into an email message.