FAQ: How do I enroll in my instructor’s course?


Until you officially enroll in a course, you will see a reminder at the top of the My programs menu that says, “You are not enrolled in any course.” To enroll, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your account at www.vhlcentral.com.

2. Click the “Enroll in a course” link located under the My programs menu (or in the Next Step alert).

3. Please select one of the following as your current enrollment status and complete the steps as directed:

A. You need to choose your school and enroll in a class: Continue to step 4.
B. You need to change your school and enroll in a class:

1) On the "course selection" page, click “choose a different school.”
2) Continue to step 4.

C. You need to enroll in a class (school already selected): Skip to step 9.

D. You need to un-enroll (please read Note): Skip to step 9.

Note: To un-enroll, simply enroll in a new course; completed work for shared assignments will transfer (the only completed work that will transfer is work that is assigned in both the source and the target course). Or ask your instructor to drop you from the course; grades will not be preserved in the original course if you are dropped before the course ends.

4. On the "school selection" page, type in the name of your school. To narrow the search results, consider including the city and state or country in which your school is located.

5. Click "find." If the terms you entered did not result in a successful search, follow the on-screen tips to revise your search.

6. Select your school from the list.

7. Click "select school" to add the school to your account.

8. Look for a flash alert that confirms you successfully added the school.

9. From the list of available course sections at your school for your textbook, look for your instructor's name.

10. Click the radio button for your instructor's course section. If more than one course section is listed, click the information icons in the listings until you locate the correct course section.

     Note: If the course section is listed, but not accessible (or greyed-out), your instructor has chosen to block enrollment.        Please contact your instructor.

11. Click "select course" to enroll.

12. Look for a flash alert on your Home page that confirms you successfully enrolled in your instructor's course section.

13. On your VHL Central home page, you will see the title of your teacher’s course, along with the duration of the class, school name and your instructor’s name within the “My Programs” section. To access your course, click on the title link below the cover image.