Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Gradebook All Categories "Roster" View


All Categories "Roster" View

The roster view of your Gradebook organizes assignments and calculates students' grades within Categories as determined by the information and settings you selected in the Categories step during the course creation process. When you first land in the Gradebook, you will always see the top-level or All Categories level of the roster view. To learn more about navigating and using the features of the roster view, select a topic:




Depending on where you are in the Gradebook, the roster view presents a different average for each student in the first column (farthest left). All averages are inclusive of assignments due before the current date and time.

  • Cumulative Grade (All Categories): This average comprises all assigned course work.
  • Category Grade: When viewing a specific category, this average comprises all assigned work in the category.
  • Lesson Grade: When viewing a lesson, this average comprises all assigned work for the lesson within a category.
  • Lesson Section Grade: When viewing a lesson section, this average comprises all assigned work for the section of a lesson within a category.
  • Week Grade: When viewing a category, click “view by weeks>>.” This average comprises all assigned work for the week within a category.
  • Day Grade: When viewing a week, click on a week’s column name to view grades for days in that week, then click on a specific day’s column name. This average comprises all assigned work for the day within a category.  



Adjust the Roster View

You can change the sort order from any level and column in your Gradebook’s roster view. From a column drop-down menu, select “sort ascending” or “sort descending.”

To alter the grade’s display, click a button in the Gradebook tool bar.

  • %: Sets the display to percentage scores
  • 10: Sets the display to points earned
  • A-F: Sets the display to letter grades    



Navigate the Roster View

Assignments in the roster view can either be grouped on a single page at the second level within the Gradebook or they can be arranged within a hierarchy of layered pages that requires you to click through from the top-level Gradebook page (All Categories) to the lowest level page in order to see individual assignments. There are several ways you can navigate.  

  1. Column navigation: Click on a column name (column header) to navigate to that page in the Gradebook or use the column drop-down menu to go to the same location. Note: When you are at the assignment level in the Gradebook, clicking on the column name will open a preview of the assigned item.  
  2. Breadcrumb navigation: After you have navigated into the Gradebook, you can use the breadcrumbs, which have their own drop-down menus. You can easily navigate to assignments in different categories, lessons, lesson sections, weeks, and days.  
  3. Week or lesson view: When viewing a category, click on “view by weeks>>” or “view by lessons>>.”  
  4. Gradebook scrolling: Gradebook scrolling is available when there are more columns or rows than will fit on your screen. Scroll bars are offered at the right or bottom of the Gradebook pane.